Sunday, April 03, 2005

Happy birthday to ME!

Halloooo, loyal blog readers! Forgive the silence, and the slightly stale Easter greetings: 'Twas the week of production, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring--at least, not after opening night...
To back up: I am on the crew for an excellent production at the Mobtown Theater, Nilo Cruz' A Bicycle Country, for which I furnished the props, and work backstage during the first act--the second has no scene changes. To explain why would be to give most of the plot away, and if you're in the greater Baltimore area I want you to come see it (see the end of this post), so I won't. Suffice to say, I spent the week in a frenzy of shopping, sleep deprivation, and splinters. Including MY BIRTHDAY. On Tuesday. For which I received AN IPOD. The cutest little blue mini! Thank you, Mom and Dad! Also a lovely bracelet, the promise of a new swimsuit for my upcoming sailing trip, an intriguing Terry Pratchett novel, and a phrenological cranium model (go here for a description of people who still believe in it (crazies!), here for a more skeptical rundown, and here to see my new friend, Phineas Lumpy)! And lots of lovely greetings in various forms! So thank you, everyone!
My iPod is a miracle of technology! We also have a new computer, and are having SUCH fun uploading our music to iTunes and -Pod! I'm compiling a list of songs that will bankrupt me when I start up an account at

The first signs of spring have emerged--the trees show mists of red buds where before there were only gray branches; the grass after a weekend of rain is now a startlingly rich green, incongruous against the bleak skies and mostly empty garden plots, and we've had our snowdrops and crocuses--we're already on to daffodils, narcissi and paperwhites. I love spring flowers the most (aside from peonies), because they herald spring, my favorite season. It's not my favorite because of my birthday, though my mother used to tell me that she went to the hospital on a night to have me before any flowers deigned to show themselves, and when we emerged 4 days later, everything was abloom in MY honor--this was doubtless a great influence on my character, which I like to describe as "self-affirming" but which other people have other choice words for.
But I digress. The air sweetens, the light softens, and there's mud and the promise of summer. This spring, there's even more promise: of quitting, sailing, Cape Cod, and grad school, in that order. But just like the flowers (and the warmth), it's coming slowly; 8 weeks til quitting seems to be going by awfully slowly.

More soon, and better composed; this was just a place-holder since I've been at the theater every night this week, sometimes til midnight. For a chick who needs 10 hours of sleep a night, trust me, it's painful.

A Bicycle County
by Nilo Cruz
The Mobtown Theater (directions here)
April 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23
8PM Fri/Sat, 2 PM Sun
Tickets: $15 adults, $12 students

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Cad Grublygold said...

Hazel Nut!! You’ve come back to us out in the blog-o-spheare. Happy Birthday, I’ll be sure to get roaring drunk and publicly sing loudly of the coming spring in your honor. I’ve found that college testing rooms, and long bank lines are the best places to do this. Perhaps you can read about the end result in the news papers.