Thursday, January 10, 2013


(EDIT: I know it's not Epiphany anymore.  I'm a few days late.  Sue me.)

So, um, hi there.  It's been quite a while, hasn't it?  Like around, oh, seven years?  Yeah.  That's about right.


Well, let's catch up, shall we?

I graduated from Berkeley.  I moved.  A lot.  I danced.  A lot, also.  I dated people.  Several people.  I even married one of them!  I ate and drank and made merry.  I tried to visit my family when I could.  I went to weddings, a funeral, and countless parties.  I worked.  Did I mention I got married?  It was a big deal.  Then it all becomes "we".  We traveled.  We hung out.  We moved again.  More on that later. More on all of it later, actually -- I'll try to give mini-recaps of every month (and by mini, I mean a few lines at a time.  It occurred to me to do haiku, but that's a little precious, even for me!).  But I also have two other series to debut:  Crafty Every Day and Costume Quibbling!

Crafty Every Day is a brand-new resolution of mine for 2013, mostly to keep me sane.  I felt a little blue before the holidays because I wasn't getting much done in the crafty part of my life: no scrapbooking, no painting or drawing, only some desultory knitting while I watched TV.  However, at the moment I find myself with an totally obscene amount of free time as well as a huge and lovely craft table and some primo tools at my disposal (check the updates for the reasons why).  It would be criminal not to take advantage of them!  So I'll post my efforts, one a day (with a big wave to start with, to cover the first few days of this year) for your viewing pleasure.  Even better, some of the things I post, like note cards, knittings, and the like, will be FOR SALE TO YOU!  That's right, for an unlimited time, you can own a piece of my creativity, the product of my idle hands, for a low, low price (I'll quote it in the post) and my eternal gratitude!

Costume Quibbling will be a series on film and TV costuming with an eye towards character and plot analysis through the wardrobe choices.  Having dabbled in costuming myself many moons ago, I know that the best practitioners (I do not include myself!) express not just time and place, but personality, mood, and any number of other subtle cues through their costumes, whether they design and build them from scratch or pull them together from ready-made stock.  Watch enough of a TV series, or a movie several times over, and you'll see themes emerge in the dresses and suits.  Sometimes if a costumer is really superb at his or her job (Janie Bryant of Mad Men, I'm looking at you!), the costumes will tell you things about the characters that you'd never know otherwise from the dialog or exposition.  There won't be "quibbling", per se, as I don't think I'll have anyone to quibble with, and I'm certainly not going to take issue with how the pros do their jobs, but I liked the alliteration as well as the sense of "fussing over tiny details" that the word "quibble" evokes.

I'll be alternating update posts, craft posts, and costume posts (maybe not in that order) as often as I can until I'm all caught up, then I'll try to post one of each series a week.  We'll see how long that continues.

The title of the post might be misleading, not least because it's well past Twelfth Night as of post time, but also because I'm not sure I've had an epiphany of any kind, other than the impulse to revive my languishing electronic presence.  I am, however, bringing you three gifts: my updates, my craft series and my costume series.  I'll let you decide if they're better than gold, frankincense and myrrh.
Stay tuned, loyal readers!  And tell your friends to follow the Electrograph too!


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