Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Bitch Is Back, And So Is Her Blog

No excuse, I know. Not even the whole move-across-the-country-start-school-again-be-independent-for-the-first-time song and dance will forgive, oh FIVE MONTHS of blogolary silence. I mean, honestly. I should have been posting all this time about finding an apartment, starting classes, dancing on the UC ballroom team, hiking Pt. Reyes, watching the clouds roll over the High Sierras, holding my new baby cousin for the first time. But inertia took over, as it often does, and I was locked into the mentality that I couldn't start posting about current events until I got the travelogue and my posting about David's wedding finished. Not helpful.
But I finally *did* finish the sailing trip account, and I wrote out the wedding post, although I need a title. So I'll get the gears moving again. I'll try to hit that balance of detail and overview so as not to simultaneously bore or confuse anyone. It's amazing how quickly time begins to flow past you, though. One moment everything is new, and you remember everything down to the name of the cashier at the bookstore you wandered through on that Sunday afternoon after you had breakfast with your aunts and took BART to SF for the first time. The next, you're wondering where 5 months of dancing and homework and Kingpin Doughnuts went (yes, they are the best ever. No, I don't weigh 400 pounds now. But only through great effort, restraint, and exercise. They're so. Damn. Good.)
So here's the rest of my sailing trip, to be followed soon by the rest of my summer (well, the bits fit for public consumption, which were few and far between) and then, my attempts at chronicling my new life in (usually) sunny California. Reader, your loyalty has been severely tested. I lead you now into pastures rich with posts. I hope.


Sparky said...

"It's amazing how quickly time begins to flow past you, though."

Tell me about it...
I am actually wondering if time really is speeding up.

Good to hear you're having fun!

Sparky (entering last 5 months of CIRdom before going to Art College)

Kevin said...

Yay! Glad you're back in the blogosphere. I've only recently rejoined it myself... so now maybe we can get to keeping our long-neglected mutual blogging/commenting agreement :)

Cad Grublygold said...

All that matters is that you are back Hazelnut. My copies of your old blogs are so torn and dirt stained/snot stained/ tear stained I rejoice at the prospect of replacing them with new ones.